Bitsika P2P opens in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon

Bitsika P2P opens in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon

Dear sikafo, please update your Bitsika app, we have a long awaited announcement for you. Our beloved app now offers P2P trading to our friends in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. This means that people in these countries can exchange their local currency for USDT and also exchange USDT for their local currency (right on our Bitsika app).

Being a P2P app now means that all trading between any currency pair will be done at the rates set by individual sellers. As a buyer, this gives you more price variety when making transactions. We’re hoping this update will help you save more money than you already do now on our app.

Our P2P services are a best fit for day traders, people who need stablecoins or other cryptos, users sending remittance and speculators. We’re opening in our three biggest markets today, but we hope to rapidly expand to more countries throughout this year. What countries should we add next? Let me know.

The new update is available on the Playstore for Android users (click here) and the App Store for iPhone users (click here).

The new Bitsika update offers P2P trading, remittances and USDT-powered virtual cards. Enjoy.

~ Atsu